New article from Barnes Review: Vikings in the Midwest by William White

Vinland in Western Minnesota” 
(February 2012)

The AVA site is dedicated to the research of the ancient Viking explorers of America.  We will support research and help educate those who want to know more about these explorers.

The Kensington Runestone is a key puzzle piece of this mystery.

In 2011 the puzzle picture changed or got a bit bigger with the discoveries of the 500 year old Skalholt Monastery map that showed Vinland to be in western Minnesota.  This the led to the rediscovery of the Roseau runestone and the Greenbush site and the story of yet another shipwreck on the remains of an ancient beachline in northern Minnesota.

My theory is that Vikings explored western Minnesota a thousand years ago and called this place Vinland.  From the Skalholt map, Vinland or the promatorium of "Winelandia" is a long narrow strip of high ground in western Minnesota.

The Kensington Runestone says:

"from this island,,1362"
and calls this place 'Vinland' of west. 

The Vinland Minnesota Research Project will be researching and collecting data in this target area of western Minnesota.

Updates will be posted regularly at the AVA research discussion group blog:
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Thanks for your help and continued support.

The Waybacks ride again” 
(film in 2012)

HELLO, I have been keeping a secret of a sort.  Back in February I began discussions with a Norwegian journalist about a filming project on the Kensington Runestone, Vikings and Vinland.  In May they got the go-ahead for the project (and the funds too) but the project had been cut from two weeks to five days of filming.

I had 24 locations on my list of locations to film at but then had to cut that list in half.  I did not write about this project here or talk about it until it was in “the can”, so-to-speak and I didn’t want to “jinks” the project as well.

WE have done it, “it is in the can”, LOL! Really!  Sherman rides again!
We have been to Vinland, and now the world will know the Vikings were in Minnesota a thousand years ago.

BUT FIRST, I will thank Journalist and friend Lars Skjonberg and camera-man and friend Roger Myren from the Norwegian Broadcasting Company for one of the most amazing and excellent adventures I have ever been on.  We were not just filming, “WE ARE MAKING HISTORY AND HAVE GONE WHERE FEW HAVE GONE BEFORE!”
Thank you!

We are just getting the “Wayback Machine” (aka Ford F150 pickup) warmed up and soon the world will know.  I will never be able to fully thank you both for this opportunity to tell the story of the Runestone, Vikings and Vinland in Minnesota.  The true champions of the runestone.  THANK YOU,  Marion Dahm, Hjalmar Holand, and Margrett Leuthner.
TODAY they are smiling down on us.

And thank you too William and Jim and the Ramseys.

Leland Petersen -- NOW I must also thank and tell you about a most amazing friend, member and researcher of the Runestone and Ancient Vikings in America.  But it is a story I tell with tears in my eyes….
I was just a few minutes late getting to Runestone Hill for the gathering on June first.  As I drove up, there sitting was Leland Petersen, senior member of the Ancient Viking research team and the Kensington Runestone.

Now Leland is up in age but he is now living in the Knute Nelson care home in Alexandria.  Leland has Parkinson’s disease.  He has trouble walking and uses a walker and can hardly speak.  Yet he has managed to drive 25 miles out to Runestone Hill Park and sits patiently waiting for us to show up for the daylong symposium and day of research and filming.  YOU gotta know the passion of this true hero and champion of the Runestone.

Later in the afternoon when the crew hiked down the hill to look at the mooring stones along the edge of the lake that surrounds the Runestone Hill, Leland also headed down the grassy trail over the edge of the hill with his walker.  He has probably made that hike a hundred times in these last 40 or 50 years as he has been researching the hill the Runestone was found on.  But this trip down that hill will be his last time, as he got in a bit of trouble at the bottom.

I ran back to the top of the hill and got the Wayback Machine (it has 4-wheel drive) to rescue Leland.  I drove down through the brush and swampy wet fields and brought Leland back up the hill.  Thank you Leland for all you have shown me and taught me.  I have not seen many men that display the passion and determination of Leland and Marion.  They are my inspiration when my legs get tired!

And thank you too, friend and champion, Tom Thowsen owner and moderator of “The Kensington Rune Stone International Supporters Club” discussion group on facebook.  Tom was the catalyst that brought Lars and I together and made this filming project possible.  I will buy you a beer when I see you Tom.  Thanks sincerely.  I hope we can share more of this journey with you.

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And thanks ALL for your support.
Steve Hilgren, aka sherman
and all the members of the 'Crew of the Wayback Machine'

Photos coming soon!

I once told one of those authors, “you may have found the Runestone story, BUT, the Runestone found Me."

HERE come the VIKINGS!!

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